Announcing Our Dia De Los Muertos Roast!

Black Hand Coffee has come to enjoy coffees from the Chiapas state of Mexico.

We partnered with our importers @ Cafe Imports to find a Mexican Chiapas coffee with a unique story. The result is this: our Dia De Los Muertos Coffee.

These beans are farmed in the Chiapas state of Mexico on the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve. The reserve is a federally protected natural area whose objective is to preserve the natural heritage of Mexico through the promotion of culture and sustainable development.

Thirty-two communities comprised of all female smallholders make up this coffee.

In honor of these smallholders' heritage and history, and with cooler weather upon us, we chose the festive holiday of Dia De Los Muertos to pay tribute to this amazing offering.

The coffee is a medium roast with hints of toffee & nuttiness and is available for a limited time @ our 3101 Patterson Avenue location & online here!

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