Black Hand Single Serves Are Back!

Black Hand Coffee is happy to have single serve cups back in action!

The new cups feature our dark roasted Sumatran coffee and they are better than ever. Working with our partners @ Intelligent Blends, we have found a cup that is both convenient and eco-friendly. These Sumatran single serve cups are 100% RECYCLABLE, utilizing durable and heat resistant #5 PP recyclable plastics.

Cups are compatible with most Keurig K-Cup brewing systems, including 2.0, and feature an easy-to-peel lid for when your brewing is complete.

The updated lid makes these single serves compost friendly. If you compost, simply peel off the lid when finished brewing and add your coffee grounds to your compost before recycling the cup.

Photos by Nick Davis Photography

Our Sumatran coffee is the perfect dark roast for the winter months and now you can access it for your on-the-go needs!

Check out the Sumatran Single Serves here!

You can also find single serves around RVA at selection locations including Strawberry St. Market & Ellwood Thompson's.

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