We work with single-origin farmers around the world to bring you the best coffee the international market has to offer. Because of this, we at Black Hand Coffee recognize that we are a company that relies heavily on agriculture. This means that we have a direct responsibility to care for our planet. 

Our coffee bags utilize EarthFirst compostable packaging made from annually renewable plants.

If you’re drinking our single serve cups, remember to recycle them. Black Hand’s single serve cups are one of the few 100% recyclable cups on the market. Our partners at Intelligent Blends design award winning eco-friendly packaging for single serve coffees.

Environmentally conscious solutions start from the farms and cooperatives we partner with and go beyond that cup of coffee you’re sipping. A healthy planet makes for better coffee. We are constantly seeking out ways to reduce our impact on the planet and we will continue to bring you the best coffee we can in the most sustainable ways possible.